Saturday, 8 November 2014

Types Of Websites And When To Use Them (Sales Page, Brochure Ware, Ecommerce, Flash Web Sites, Etc)

Corporate web pages: this is step for most companies when they choose to build their home on the net. Corporate web pages are much like corporate presentation in a web friendly form. They provide knowledge to users about the company & also provide contact knowledge. The corporate website is useful for companies who are planning to make use of the world wide website as a marketing gizmo.
Personal web pages: as the name suggests, personal web pages are web pages which belong to individuals & they have their personal profile featured on it along with any thing that they have an active interest in. A personal website is usually targeted to a person's relatives & friends & has limited viewer ship. Personal web pages are simple to put together & you may even do it yourself with the help of some web pages.
Flash web pages: Flash as you might already know is of the leading web technologies which exist today. Flash lets you make an audio video friendly website which can act as a great way to promote a product or a service. Lots of people relate flash to digital format of tv & in a way it is true. Flash web pages tend to be rich with graphics & effects as well as a well designed flash website is bound to impress the user & generate the desired effect. Flash web pages are deployed by luxury product companies & consumer product companies to generate a long-lasting impression on the users.
Sales pages: Occasionally you would come across a website which has a couple of long pages which has lots of client comments & knowledge about a product. These sites are actually sales pages or landing pages of services or products which are sold online. E-books & online courses have sales pages which help promote them online & these cannot be clubbed with the conventional types of web pages.
E commerce web pages: Increasingly corporate web pages are moving towards the e commerce direction. In the event you have a product which you can sell online, the idea is that you ought to. Online sales are increasing at a nice pace & lots of offline retailers are venturing in to online modes. E commerce web pages are those which let you buy something online & complete a transaction by paying for it online as well. E commerce web pages require interaction with some third party web pages to be able to provide you this service & can be complicated to generate but a nice e commerce website has the potential to provide an excellent revenue stream for a business.
The above listed types are the common types of web pages & though they might be some specialization within these categories, they more or less cover the whole gamut of web pages which exist today. Here is a sample of our professional web design capabilities, showing you the best website design in Manchester, in addition to website design, they offer website design packages including website design & hosting. Whatever web design service you require our web design & development work holds the quality that your corporate website deserves.

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